Sunday, September 27, 2009

Maryland, DC and VA Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Agents Learn to Make More Sales - Valarie Jacobs

"78% of consumers work with the person who gets back to them FIRST!"

When questions aise and prospects are on your site, or reading your email, they need help NOW!....not tomorrow, not by an email, they demand immediacy. I started using "realPing" realPing bridges a "regular" phone call from the consumer to you in seconds.

The distinctive caller ID lets you know it's a live prospect needing assistance. This prospect can "ping you from your email, website, blog, virtual tour, just about anywhere online. You avoid the phone and email tag game and immediately set yourself apart from everyone else. Everyone is after your prosepects, leads and website visitors so you need to be a First Responder and lock up the opportunity.

You can also remotely upload files to your client immediately from your phone and after the call is completed your cliant will be sent an "Exit Page" with your relevant links or any other information that you choose. You will then get a text message with all the details about your client.

I love it and wanted to pass it on.

Here is the link if you want to test it out or read more about it:
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