Sunday, September 27, 2009

Females in the Real Estate Industry have Broken the Glass Ceiling! - Valarie Jacobs

"The Glass Ceiling has Been Broken!"

More than 20 years ago the term "glass ceiling" was first introduced into pop culture. This term refers to the condition where women become limited in how far they can advance within an organization or profession. Although openly discussed things took a while to change. Fortunately, our industry has evolved into an equal opportunity business.

Rewarding career possibilities for women are abundantly available in real estate. By utilizing their entrepreneur spirit, creative and talented women are enjoying unprecedented levels of success because they possess the right mix of interpersonal and analytical skills, negotiating prowess and a capitalist spirit.

Industry giants also are committed to advancing opportunities for women, both internally and externally, through involvement in educational programming and corporate initiatives. These efforts support female brokers seeking leadership experience and enable them to demonstrate these capabilities in every facet of their business.

America's leading corporations are now requiring their business units to collaborate with suppliers who reflect their own consumer and employee population--both of which, coincidentally, are mostly dominated by women.

As evidence of this trend, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world spent $24 billion as part of its corporate diversity program during the past 10 years. In 2006, the communications giant dispersed $15.5 billion in contract awards to minority-and women-owned suppliers. These contracts accounted for 13% of the total procurement base. The corporation's current goal is to procure 21.5%, or almost one-fourth, of its total procurement contracts--including commercial real estate assignments--from diversity-owned enterprises. In terms of dollars, projections estimate this amount will surpass $8 billion annually.

This is why male brokers can no longer subscribe to the philosophy that they control 100% of a given client's business. In reality, they are handling only 75 to 80% of the business. Just over 20% is allocated for involvement by minority- and women-owned businesses. Furthermore, mandates require DIRECT involvement by fully certified firms at the negotiating table and in carrying out the contracted services. As a result, women and minorities now have a dominant presence at meetings with leading corporate decision-makers.

For women the time for expanding your role in real estate is now. There are so many opportunities to break through the glass ceiling. Women have become a vital component of the work force and no longer need to hesitate in negotiating more aggressively on their own behalf. The laws are now on our side no longer do we have to abide by the glass ceiling it has been shattered and we are free!

Click the link and Join Female Real Estate Alliance. This awesome group of Female Real Estate Professionals is Breaking Glass Ceilings Everyday!

Valarie Jacobs
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