Sunday, September 27, 2009

Maryland, DC and VA Real Estate Buyers, Seller and Investors ask Valarie Jacobs her Real Estate Short Sale Secret

"Valarie, It seems as if you have great success with closing short sales. What is your secret?"

This is the question that I received in my mailbox today. There are actually no huge secrets to completing short sales. The process is actually quite simple. Many try to make it seem as if there is a great mystery and that you must spend tons of money to find out the process.

I have successfully completed tons of short sales and taught many to complete them with great success in a few hours. The most important aspects to completing short sales are follow up and organization.

Call the banks everyday to follow up on your files. Always remain calm and kind. NEVER argue with the loss mitigator! You want to be a "friendly pest". This way they never forget you or your client and when you call back with your next client the loss mitigator may remember you. Plus, they can't wait to get rid of you...which ussually means an approval.

You also want to document every call and what was said even if you just left a message. This documentation can be very valuable later in the negotiation phase.

Good Luck with your short sales...Go Make Some Money!

If anyone else has a question, send it to me in an email. I may answer your question in a note so that everyone has the benefit of learning.

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