Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maryland DC & VA Real Estate Investors "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"

Last night I ended up being at my mom's house until late because I was waiting to pick my oldest daughter up from a party.

Well, as you know it started to storm. My mom suggested that the girls and I just stay at her house. I told her that I didn't mind driving in the rain but I could tell that she really wanted us to stay. I decided to stay.

Well just in case you don't have kids yet...the grand kids come before all. All parents get kicked to the curb for the grand kids. So as they went upstairs to their resort style rooms and flat screen tv's, I got my spot on the couch.

My mom gave me nice cozy sheets and pajamas for the couch and I proceeded to settle down. I noticed all the windows in the foyer and asked about the sunlight that might come in. She assured me that "The sun rises behind the house."and that wouldn't be a problem.

I went to sleep and noticed that I kept hearing "tic tic tic" "tic tic" "tic tic tic tic" every fifteen minutes. So at first, I sat up wondering if someone was trying to break in the house. Then I thought it might be some kinda clock. I found out later that my youngest daughter had previously used the canopy bed upstairs as a trapeze and now it was broken so everytime she moved on the bed "tic tic tic tic"

My new thing is,"Don't sweat the small stuff". So even though "tic tic tic" every fifteen problem. I finally stopped waking up around 3:30am and fell asleep. At 6:15am the sun greets me with a great gleaming smile. I can't believe it..."I thought you were gonna rise on the other side of the house...aarrggghh!"

But my new motto is..."Don't sweat the small stuff" I give up at 6:45am and decided to do some internet marketing. I get up and go upstairs to the computer room making sure to tip toe...don't wanna wake anybody you know. I turn on the computer. "MY MOM DOESN'T HAVE WIRELESS!!!" Are you kidding me? Am I being punked? I didn't even know you could still use dial up.

Ok problem. I'll just wait. 645am...not online 7:00am...not online 7:15am...not online 7:30...not online

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, so I text my dad. He says " just have to wait" Ok no problem. I'll go make a bowl of cereal. It will definitely be on when I get back.

So I go down stairs for a healthy bowl of cereal. Let's see what my choices are: Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, Golden Grahams, Sugar Pops.... I found some Total great! I sit down with my Total Bran Flakes, fresh blueberries and ice cold milk.....yum...can't wait for my first bite. As the spoon settles in my mouth something isn't right....hey....yuck...omg I run to the sink. I immediately go and check the date on the milk. The date is June 3rd. "Why is that in the frig?!?!" (My mom told me later she uses it for cooking.)

I decided to just go back to the computer 8:00am...not online

8:15am - I'm online yippee.

8:20am Everyone wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed from their wonderful refreshing sleep. My mom goes downstairs and makes homemade waffles with a choice of either blueberries, strawberries, nuts or bananas.

Why did I tell you this story?

One: Just to make you laugh.

Two: To encourage you to look at everything as a blessing. Look at this wonderful funny story that I can think about and laugh. Every experience that you have can be interpreted differently. Glass half full or glass half empty. I could have let all those things ruin my day and put me in a bad mood. Instead, I decided to write it all down so that I would not forget "The night I spent at my mom's" whenever I want laugh.

What experiences can you turn into something positive today?

Valarie Jacobs