Monday, June 1, 2009

Kris Kirshner, Real Estate Millionaire will call sellers for Maryland DC and VA Real Estate Investors this Saturday!

We sent you an email invitation a few days go about this month’s meeting with the “Brown Truck Millionaire” Kris Kirschner on the 2 ways to buy and sell houses using none of your money or credit and we had more people register for this event than EVER before. Everyone’s excited to see Kris because he’s going to call Sellers live at the event for REAL PROOF that you can make enormous pr’ofits in just 5 hours a week in any and every market.   



At the DMV REIA seminar June 6th you’ll see how Pennye McFarland made $10,061 in 12 days using Kris’s Fas’t Money Strategy, how Cindy Parker-Katz made $49,000 in 17 days using Kris’s BIG MONEY Strategy, and how Russ and Sue Daniel made $316,776 in two months using a combination of the 2 strategies, neither of which require your money or credit!    


If you haven’t REGISTERED on-line at yet do it now. When you do you’ll be able to receive a FREE GIFT at the event from Kris. It’s a $170.00 “Money Bag” of audio CD’s on how to make over $15,000 a month, part-time, using none of your money or credit!  


P.S. Check your mailbox again for a yellow postcard from Kris


P.P.S. – If you haven’t heard the short audio interview with Kris just