Friday, June 5, 2009

Alert: ALL Maryland DC VA Real Estate Investors - Watch this video!

DC/MD/VA Real Estate Investing and Training - DMV REIA

Learn Real Estate Investing Strategies for Maryland, DC and Virginia at the top rated Real Estate Investment Club in DC, MD and VA!

Meet fellow Real Estate Buyers and Investors near you! Come to a local Real Estate Buying & Investing Club to discuss properties on the market, contracts, mortgages and anything else about land and realty. We have training on the latest investment techniques. If you are not serious about making alot of m...

Kris Kirshner "The Brown Truck Millionaire" Is Coming to DC MD & VA to Meet You!
Saturday, June 6, 2009 at 9:00AM

Who Ever Heard of the “Brown Truck Millionaire?”

If making over $15,000 a month, part-time buying and selling houses using none of your money or credit sounds good to you, then you’ve got to meet the “Brown Truck Millionaire” Kris Kirschner at our meeting on Saturday June 6th .

Kris is a former struggling UPS driver who fast tracked from driving a brown truck to wealthy real estate entrepreneur. After a lot of trial and error, he devised a fool-proof autopilot® complete real estate system that allowed him to quit his job and become a bona-fide millionaire in just 23 months buying, selling and holding single family houses using none of his money and none of his credit.

Kris is different. He's not a pretend expert who wrote a book 20 years ago and never did the business, or did it so long ago it no longer matters. He not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. In fact, at the seminar you can listen in as Kris calls sellers live for P...

Hilton Garden Inn Greenbelt

7810 Walker Dr.

Greenbelt, MD 20770

9:00 - 1:00

See the full event details at Kris Kirshner LIVE at DMV REIA.

Check out what members are saying about DC/MD/VA Real Estate Investing and Training - DMV REIA:

"Quality networking." - John Marion

"Good information; it's not extremely large (yet). But expected when in a buyer's market. Personally I like the smaller groups because you get to know the players and meet most people (at least those that come on a regular basis). Past experience from other groups that started out like this one (say 1998) and then grew very large during the seller's market; those that you met when it was starting you are still in contact with over 10 years later and almost everyone from then are still in the business." - L Green

"It's a good investment for the membership fee. There's a lot of good free information being shared and no pressure to buy something." - Eddie Bell

"This was the first meeting I've attended and I really enjoyed it. You make a person feel comfortable and wanted. I look forward to attending more meetings and joining your bird dogging program. I began networking with other investors and got a lot of really great information and advice." - Ted Washington

"They really try to help the small investor. They are NOT a bunch of pitch people. If you want to associate with a good group I would check them out." - Brian Ginter