Sunday, March 8, 2009

DC MD & VA Real Estate Investing Club Grand Opening was Awesome!

DC Maryland and VA Real Estate Investors had and Awesome Time at DMV REIA!

Hello Everyone!

I am still so pumped about yesterday's grand opening. It was absolutely amazing! I want to thank all of you who came out and made this such a wonderful event.

We had over 125 real estate professionals show up and everyone who was there was ready to network, share and learn. From day one, all of you fully accepted the motto"Where Real Estate Investors Work Together For The Success of Us ALL!" People were sharing marketing ideas, rehabbing ideas, exchanging contact information, etc. It was as if, this was what we were all waiting open forum to network, share and grow where everyone is welcome!

Dante and I may not have said it yesterday but we consider this REIA to be all of ours. We may organize it but everyone who was there made it the great event that it was. We want your suggestions, we want you to participate and share your deals, we want you to work with the DMV REIA investor agents. We want everyone to come to the meeting ready to support their fellow real estate professionals. If we all have this goal, the growth in our businesses and OUR REIA will be phenomenal!

If you were not there, you truly missed something special.....but don't worry....EVERY DMV REIA meeting is going to have this spark and energy.
I won't miss the next DMV REIA meeting!

We collected over 50 blankets for the Covenant House! Isn't it wonderful that DMV REIA members were able to help homeless youth and we can't wait to do it again in June?

We have 80 new DMV REIA members ready to "Work together for the success of us ALL!".

We received so many compliments from all of you. We are so happy that you were pleased and your needs as a real estate investor are going to be met. This is the only thing we ask of you. The more real estate professionals that we have in our network the more support for all of our businesses. We need you to spread the word about your new REIA...bring a friend or forward an email. When you receive the ratings email, let everyone know about the wonderful experience you had at the meeting in the comment box. Investors are looking for a place like this and just don't know where to find it.

We can't wait to see you next month. You can RSVP now by clicking the link below if you'd like to.
Dr. Cashflow is coming to town!
I want to see Dr. Cashflow!

Thanks again. I truly appreciate all of you.

Valarie Jacobs
DMV REIA President

PS. Photos will be on the site next week

DC Maryland and VA Real Estate Investor Association DMV REIA
I want to be a part of ths group!

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