Sunday, March 15, 2009

DC Maryland and VA Real Estate Investors Need to Focus!

Hello DC MD and VA Real Estate Investors,

Fous on what is the questions.

I received an email from one of my students today. She was talking about how she was depressed and felt as if this wasn't going right and that wasn't going right and she just doesn't have all the things that she thought that she would have at this point in her life.

Well, how many of us have had at least one of these thoughts at some point in our lives. The fact is that sometimes life seems to get in the way and doesn't seem to cooperate with what we have in mind. We all have daily challenges some larger than others. So, what do you do when you are feeling this way.

This is when you have to have control over your mind. Any and everything that you focus on WILL increase! So what have you been focusing on? If you want more stress and aggravation, then continue to focus on the unpaid bill, the failed relationship, the car accident, the burnt dinner, the pimple on your nose (lol) get the point.

I know this is so much easier said than done but you must master this skill in order to not only make wise decisions but follow thru with completing them.

When you feel yourself focusing on situations, people or anything that will not cause a positive outcome or stress free feeling, stop and intentionally focus on what will make you happy and direct you towards your goal.

Am I saying to forget about your responsibilities and just do what makes you feel good...of course not! What I am saying is that if you open your mind to positive thoughts and images, you will find solutions to things that you thought were once impossible to conquer.

This is your assignment for tomorrow. Let me know how it worked for you.


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