Saturday, October 13, 2007

Setting Goals....Yeah Yeah Yeah...I heard it before!

Hello Fellow Investor,

I know we've heard it time and time again. Set your Goals...Write your Goals! We hear from every successful person yet we still don't feel like doing it. The fact is...If we won't take the time to figure out what we REALLY want, how are we REALLY going to get it. Some of us may need to figure out why we have not taken the time time to write down our dreams and desires. Are we afraid that if we admit to ourselves what we want and desire that we may fail? You have to be willing to write as well as verbalize your goals. When your goals are clear, you know what you should be doing and what you shouldn't be doing. For example, say your goal is to close on two deals for the month. Each and every activity that you involve yourself in should be directly focused on that goal. When you are on the phone with a friend ask yourself "Is this going to help me close two real estate deals this month? When you push the snooze button ask yourself "Is this going to help me close two deals this month". You may be involved in something very productive; however, if it doesn't answer "yes" to your goal question then you must stop doing that activity. If you practice this technique and train yourself to ONLY participate in activities that will answer "yes" to your goal question and lead you to your goals, you will be one your way to surviving as a successful real estate investor.

Supporting your real estate investor success,

Valarie Jacobs

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