Monday, October 29, 2007

Negotiations - The First 5 Seconds in Real Estate!

Hello Investors,

Did you know that you can literally lose a sale before a single word is spoken? People make a large percentage of their decision about whether they want to do business with you within the first 5 seconds of laying eyes on you. This bit of knowledge can have a hugh impact on the amount of deals that you are able to close. When you have an appointment with a client pay close attention to the non-verbal as well as the verbal messages that you are giving off to people. I have listed a couple of behaviors for you to pay attention to on your next appointment.

  1. SMILE and think nice thoughts about the person you are meeting. You would be surprised at the non-verbal messages that the mind picks up.

  2. Make sure that you are very well groomed. Pay attention to your jewelry, hair style, cologne or perfume, wrinkles in clothing, shoes etc. It's better to have one very nice outfit from head to toe that you have to repeat until you are on your feet than to have several mediocre outfits.

  3. People are more comfortable with people who are like themselves. Pay attention to cues that you can pick up about their beliefs and values. Now is not the time to try and convince someone about your viewpoints on anything outside of the deal.

  4. Do not invade personal space. Pretend that there is an 18 inch bubble around the person you are meeting.

  5. Be certain to know what your clients needs are before the appointment so that you can properly prepare. Make sure that you are addressing their specific need. Is their need cash now, cash later, tired of being a landlord, payments to high...etc?

  6. Pay attention to the pace at which your client speaks. Mimic and mirror. If your client speaks slowly, then you must slow down. If you talk to fast, they won't trust you. If your client speak fast ,then you must get on with your presentation. If you speak to slowly, they will get bored.

  7. If you are meeting with a woman, whether you are a man or woman, keep your eye level below hers. You don't have to look down, try taking a seat. Research has shown that many woman feel less intimidated if their eye level is higher than the people around them.

  8. If a client gets emotional, don't mimic and model this emotion. Show concern but maintain an emotional balance throughout the meeting.

  9. Be familiar with the terminology of your business. This makes your clients feel more comfortable about your knowledge and experience which will make them more likely to do business with you.

  10. Nothing is more important than building rapport. Show a genuine interest in your client. Put your clients concerns first and focus on solving their problem instead of make your sale.

All of this takes time and effort but this will improve your closing ratio for your deals. Take the time to change these behaviors because..."You Can Survive As a Real Estate Investor in Maryland, DC and Virginia!"

Supporting Your Real Estate Career,

Valarie Jacobs

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