Sunday, October 14, 2007

Opportunity is Staring You in the Face

Challenges are "Blessings in Disguise"

The other day we addressed setting goals and sticking to them. Focusing your every activity on accomplishing those goals. Well, if it were that easy...everyone would be rich. So what is the problem...what's stops us from getting the one thing that we want the most. Is it money... circumstances... divorce... lack of knowledge ...your race ...uhm? Whatever popped into your mind for that question "What is stopping you?" IS NOT the right answer. The answer is your determination to reach the goals that you have set for yourself.

When you set your mind to a goal, it seems like out of nowhere there are hundreds of giants(problems, challenges, oppositions) standing in your way. I'm sure you've heard this but remember it...internalize it..."The Bigger They are The Harder They Fall". You have to be willing to stand up to the giants in your life and knock them down (or simply walk around).

When I started thinking back on challenges in my life, after the dust settled things really were not as bad as they seemed and many times the ending was better. It all depends on how you view the "what appears to be" giant. Usually at first site, the opposition seems impenetrable to you because of the angle you are using to view it. It's like a camera. When you first look thru the lens, everything appears to be so blurry..."What a horrible picture this is going to be!" However, when you take the time to adjust your focus the true picture becomes crystal clear. You can use this same technique for attaining your goals.

When opposition first shows it's face..don't focus on all of the opportunities that have been taken away. Train you mind to change the focus. Focus on the opportunities that are now available to you . What CAN you do that you could not do before this happened? How CAN you use this to get you closer to the your goal? This is one of the most difficult things that you MUST train your mind to do. Practice daily. When the buyer calls you on the day of the closing, and says "I'm not coming" and you are financially counting on that closing....When you've been married fifteen years and your spouse says out of the blue "I don't think I want to be married!" When the teenager runs the stop sign totaling your brand new car and says "I don't have insurance" or on a lighter note when you've been looking forward to finally getting home to just sit down and relax with a bowl of your favorite ice cream and your teenager says "I didn't know you wanted it". Will you be able to change the focus of your thoughts? If you practice and train your mind to always stay in proper focus... Guess what?

Nothing is a Giant....Nothing is an Opposition...

Absolutely Everything is an Opportunity.....

"A Blessing In Disguise !"

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