Friday, October 30, 2009

"Because I Have Buyers to Make Offers on Houses in DC MD and VA Today!"

"Because I have buyers ready to make offers on your property today!"

That's the answer to the question that I always get:

"Valarie, how do you have to such success at getting your short sales completed?"

Networking is the key to success in this industry!

One of the main reasons that I have such great success with my clients who need short sales is because of the networking and business relationships that I have formed.

In order to be a successful agent or investor, you must build your data base of buyers, sellers, investors, lenders and title companies. They all support and feed one another. So how do you do this and why?

Buyers and Sellers
Buyers and Sellers are everywhere! You should be letting everyone that you meet know what you are doing. Many people talk to people all day long and don't mention what they have to offer. "How can people provide you with business if they don't know that you are in business?" It is very important to build a buyer and a seller list.

Investors are the best! They will buy the properties that nobody else wants. Investors have "vision" that the normal buyer just doesn't have. You should be attending real estate investing meetings such as DMV REIA to increase your presence in this somewhat closed society. Once you start attending and and becoming more familiar with the investors, you will find that investors can be an awesome resource.

You should seek out relationships with different lenders. You would be surprised at the differences between them. Never count on just one. Lenders are a great source for referrals! When you send your lender client leads, a good lender will return the favor. Many lenders are open to co-marketing as well if you agree to give them the business that comes from the joint business venture.

Title Companies
Title companies are a little harder to build relationships with but this is a must, especially if you do short sales. They can provide your preliminary HUD statements for you. This is very valuable when you are on a timeline for a deal. Just make sure that you return the favor by letting them complete the closing for doing all that free work for you.

As you can see, I make sure that everyone benefits from working with me. If you are only concerned with your success, you will not have much business or success for very long. Always ask yourself "How can I form a partnership with a client or business to ensure that they will benefit more than I will?" If you keep that question first, your business and support system will be overflowing.

Go create some lasting networks!

Valarie Jacobs
"The Real Estate Physician"

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