Thursday, October 22, 2009

Apple Application Every Parent Should Have - "Texting Codes Finally Exposed"

Parents, I have put together an Apple Application just for you!

Text messaging code and shorthand slang is a kind of "foreign language" that many people today need to know in order to keep up to date, understand instant messages, emails, online chats, and to keep children safe online and on their cell phones.

In the past couple of years, kids' and teens are incorporating these letter-sentences and words into their speech (sometimes referred to as kidspeak). This text code jargon is even appearing in school papers and becoming a challenge to teachers and parents.

This Apple application is an advanced guide to shorthand terms used in cell phones, (IM) instant text messages, chat rooms, email, on online gaming, and on discussion boards.

I know this is far removed from real estate but we are parents first...don't be left in the dark!

The name of my Apple Application is "Secret Texting Codes Finally Exposed"

Check it out and let's stay aware of what's going on in the lives of our children.

Valarie Jacobs