Friday, February 5, 2010

Female Real Estate Alliance - Membership Expodes!


"Women working together to support their real estate growth and career!"

FREA is a corporation registered in the state of Maryland. Our organization’s purpose and mission is to promote practical knowledge of real estate investment through education, discussion and the networking of our members.

Our organization is open to the professional women who work in the real estate field. Whether you are just starting out in the real estate industry, or are working on your hundredth deal or with you hundredth client, FREA can help you learn more, make more, and have more fun doing it.

You have found the right place to learn how to make money in the Real Estate industry.

-Learn how to become financially independent through Real Estate
-Find the secrets of those that have successfully made their fortunes via Real Estate Careers
-Learn how to maximize your profits in marketing and prospecting! Discover how to protect your wealth once you attain it!
-Explore the many possibilities the Real Estate Industry offers when it comes to tax strategies that will make you wealthy.

It's Easy To Do and Joining Can Really Jump Start Your Real Estate Career! " Did we mention that membership is FREE!"

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The Female Real Estate Alliance (FREA) is comprised of a unique mix of some of the brightest, most visionary female real estate entrepreneurs and professionals in the industry.

The formation of FREA was driven by our desire to address the interests and needs of all women in the real estate industry.   Let's face it! Women in real estate have challenges that men simply don't have.

Whether you are a real estate agent, real estate investor, broker, loan officer, etc. if you are in this field you need to network with other successful females in the industry.  There are times when things need to be handled a little differently.

Not only do the women share, advise and support one another, but the ultimate goal is to come together on joint ventures, send referrals to one another, partner on real estate transactions. We build and support our businesses from the bottom up.

This group truly is not for everyone. If you are simply in the real estate industry to get a check this group is not for you; however, if you have a drive to push and take your career to the next level please join.

Today, the FREA membership encompasses all types and sizes of real estate professionals, including individuals involved in development, brokerage, lending, accounting, law, real estate taxation, appraisal, construction, consulting, environmental, title insurance, mortgage banking, property and asset management, and public relations.

This diverse membership base provides members with access to both a breath and depth of knowledge and experience, unique to real estate organizations.

Our Mission:
1. To be the premier networking organization for female real estate professionals.
2. To provide a forum for the exchange of the most relevant and timely investment ideas and knowledge.
3. To foster the creation of a network of referral for all members. You CAN succeed in the real estate industry.

The market doesn't determine the success of the female real estate's knowing where to get answers and techniques...come and meet the successful real estate professionals from across the country. Please ad our name to your database. We love to share and help!

Thank you for your consideration and interest in the Female Real Estate Alliance.
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Valarie Jacobs
FREA President