Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Quit Real Estate Investing!" That's What They Said Until I Showed Them My "Never Say Die" Investing System MD/DC/VA

Never Ever Quit.......Never Say Die........Never


I know that many of you are ready to throw in the towel. Your mind says "Maybe this just isn't for me....I think I just missed the time to get into to real estate investing. Then your closest friends say "You are just wasting your's time to move gave it your best can't say you didn't try" Does this sound familiar?

No matter what you decide to do in life, there are going to be obstacles, dry times, and times where it seems as though nothing is going your way. There is no way to avoid this. You must hold your position until you have the strength to move forward. Never go backwards. Now you have to be wise when you are a real estate investor or anything else. If what your are doing isn't working, try a different angle. Find another way to support your ultimate goal. This way you're not quitting. You are just taking a different means to an end. If you were flipping homes, master wholesaling. If you were wholesaling, master how to do lease options or shortsales. You must always be willing to increase your knowledge in order to move with the market demands.

If you analyze anyone who is where you want to be or anyone who you look at as a mentor, they have gone through major trials. If they had given up, you would not admire what they have accomplished.

There are certain things that you must do to remain on course through rough times in the real estate investing business.

1. Don't focus on what is going wrong.

If you focus on what is wrong with your business, that is all that you will see. Focus on the one thing that is positive and build on that.

2. Stay connected to a mentor.

I know that you have heard the saying "Nothing is new under the sun". We normally tell this to our children. Well, the same holds true with real estate investing. Someone has already dealt with the challenge that you are having. Learn as much as you can from their mistakes.

3. Education yourself.

Education is invaluable. Always keep yourself abreast of new terminology, new funding sources, new creative ways of financing. There are so many ways to do more than just survive in this industry. Commit to paying for some type of education on a monthly basis. It can be coaching, seminars, classes or tapes as long as you are always increasing your knowledge.

4. Pass it on

When you are doing well, always be willing to help the person coming behind you. There are so many shady investors. We need as many ethical investors to support one another as we can find. Helping someone else always ends up helping you in the end!

Everything has a time and a purpose. The sooner you figure out what the purpose of the time you are in - the sooner you will move on to a new one.

You Can Survive As A Real Estate Investor!

Blessings to your Real Estate Investing Career

Valarie Jacobs

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